Sincerely Human.

Dear world,

What’s going on man?

I’m no batman

But i can clearly unravel the mystery present


You’re not currently very pleasant


In fact you are darn right unpleasant


With hurricanes increasing by the summer


With wildfires every midsummer


Earthquakes and tsunamis a real bummer


And don't get me started on the human newcomers


The human strife and conflict neverending


But no go on pretending


That there’s nothing impending


Sorry if I sound condescending


But do you get the message I’m sending


I need you to fix the world I live in


I really need a win


So ditch the gin


And find the linchpin


It’s not my job to fix you


It’s not my fault I was born into this zoo


Don’t blame me for wanting to ditch this canoe


Why should I put forth an effort today?


When I could lay around and pray


You are on your own.




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Our world
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