The Sin Cycle


Yes, of course! Here I am
Back again
With the sin.
Thought I'd won, but not so;
All my hope's
Running thin.
Though it's not who I am,
It just seems it must be
That I'll never, no never
Not ever be free.
Yes, of course! Here we are
Once again,
We're like kin!
I've said no many times,
Still somehow
I give in.
And I feel all ashamed
I'm convinced I must be
The worst man in the world, oh!
What's so wrong with me?
Here we stand! Face to face
In the dark,
In the light.
Though you've beat me before,
Yet you still
Want to fight.
And I think it's because
You know just what I'll do:
I will scream and I'll squirm, then
Give right in to you!
Here we stand! And I've lost.
I was wrong,
You were right.
And I've known this before;
You've no bark,
Only bite.
I'll just stand there and cry;
Tear drop one, tear drop two.
You'll gather the guilt and say:
"Have this to chew!"
Then you'll leave! Not for long.
You'll be back.
You'll be quick.
And I'll turn to my God;
Feeling bad,
Feeling sick.
I will call on His name,
I'll be down on knee bent.
I will say that I'm wicked
And want to repent.
Yes, you'll leave! So I'll think,
But in truth,
You're still there,
And you'll do what I hate
And catch me
In despair.
While alone and depressed
You'll come in like a snake,
And say: "Do it again! It's
No real big mistake."
I give in! Can it be?
Yes, it can,
And you're glad,
And you're laughing at me!
But this time
I am mad.
I will get on my feet
And I'll say with a shout:
"That is it! I am finished!
Now just leave, get out!
I gave in! But it's done.
Moving up,
Moving on.
I'm committed this time,
And this time
You are gone.
I'll get back on my knees,
Feel a little bit faint.
I'll repent and say sorry,
And feel like a saint.
Yes, indeed! The next day
Will be full
Of such bliss.
I'll feel nothing is wrong!
Nothing can
Go amiss.
The sun will be shining!
The birds will all sing!
I'll be happy as children
On Christmas morning!
Yes, indeed! On day two;
All is well,
I'm still free.
I forgot about you!
It's as good
As can be.
But in this, I am wrong,
For as I look away
You will come back to haunt me;
You'll come back to stay . . .
Yes, of course. Here I am,
Back again
With the sin.
Was sure I'd won. But no.
All my hope
Has run thin.
Guess it is who I am.
Yes, it truly must be
That I'll never, no never,
Not ever be free.
Yes, of course. Here we are.
No such thing
As an end.
Though the world thinks I'm good,
Yet I'm Sin's 
Greatest friend.
I had thought all was well!
I had thought all was great!
But, now, all off myself I'm
Beginning to hate.
It may be I see God!
On His throne 
In the sky.
I may see bright angels
With great wings
As they fly.
Yes, I may see my God!
And I'll lift up my chin.
I'll sing praise and give glory,
Then go home and sin.


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