Mon, 12/29/2014 - 17:20 -- sarongz

Simply born, simply raised, 
Full of memorable and empty days,
Often ungrateful for all the minuets,
Life becomes memory as I walk through it.

Simply celebrated, simply forgotten,
Often surrounded, therefore not noticing,
The significance of it all,
What it means, until I fall,
All alone, with no one around or in the corner,
Sitting in an empty space,
With more time to ponder, 
What it all means,
Maybe I needed this.

Simply ageing, simply older,
They have often said "Age is just a number!"
But I have found in this little time I spent,
That age is not the number but what it meant, 
What drives me is not the numbers I compiled, 
But the feeling I get to have a change in deed,
To have to be more responsible, 
To take charge of my life,
To make it more tangible, 
To get to know myself,

To be . . .
Simply ME,


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