simple things part 2

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 13:32 -- guady12

i don't care bout your beauty that's a plus
what i care more bout is your heart
i care bout never erasing that beautiful smile of your face
because when you smile you brighten up my day
listen im not perfect and will never be, but just know you're hero one day i dream to be
i hate seeing tears fall of your eyes
just know ill always be by your side
you may not understand my reasons
but this feeling isn't passing away like the seasons
because i love the way you laugh i love the way you smile
and you know for you i would walk thousand miles
every night i dream of having you in my arms having you feel save with your head on my chest
everything i do for you i try to make it the best
your always on my mind night and day
and when im with you i forget the things i wanna say
ya same times i might be mad and treat you like the worst person ever
just know to me your perfect just the way you are and to change a thing bout you ha never
because your flows and false is what makes up you..your beautiful inside out
and who ever holds your heart is the most luckiest person without a doubt


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