Simple Pleasures

Wed, 09/03/2014 - 23:46 -- Kaelyn

Looking up at the sky
     as rain softly mists down

Walking beneath the trees
     family nearby

Laying inside my room
     silence within, birdsong outside

Familiar things, close to me
     stick to my side, ease my heart.

Fragrance of spring
     wafts past my nose

Chattering of friends
     surrounding me, filling my ears

Laughter of children
     beaming as they play

Warmth sparks within me
     I cannot help but grin.

A brush in my hand
     stroking words across the page

A book upon my lap
     with pages flipping past

Fingers pressing on the strings
     bow to draw out sounds

And the worldly noises fade away
     only peace is left around.

My head raised high to see
     the mountain road behind
   comforted to see
     my family with me the entire way

My heart, nervous yet excited
     upon the sights ahead
   what colors shall I paint this blank canvas?

To be not alone,
     but to have silence at times
To know friends loyal
     and family loving
To see the the sky change colors,
                           day by day,
     seasons rolling by
I wonder at the light of life
     shining perpetually at all sides.


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