Simple Games


We play simple games

These days it's just simple

From Monopoly to Candy Land

And Scrabble, too

Stratego, Risk, you name it

We play simple games


We get older, and the games go away

These days it’s schoolwork and homework

From Google to Wikipedia,

And WolframAlpha, too

Textbooks, notebooks, you name it

The old games went away


Now we’re even older, and games don’t exist

These days it’s telephones and papers

From Windows to Apple,

And mortgages, too

Taxes, phone calls, you name it

Games no longer exist


We’re old men now

These days games are for the young

We’ve forgotten about Candy Land

And Scrabble, too

Risk, Stratego, you name it

We forget them

We forget those days

Until we too no longer exist

This poem is about: 
Our world


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