Simple Enough

There's quite a bit in my head,

Pictures from books That I've read,

Things that my mother has said.


I try and say what I mean,

But that hasn't always gone well,

At least from what I have seen.


I say I don't need something,

Simple and simply put,

But its an insult now and somethings afoot.


So, here in words,

Sometimes carefully thought,

I can be aware of how I affect others

and say the things I think I ought.


It's easy for me here,

No misconceptions for me to fear.


It's so powerful here,

All the emotions clear.


I can help myself help others,

And not upset my mother.

I can impress my teachers

And speak about any feature.


Comfort in the typing sounds,

I can keep my reality on the ground.

I will continue to link together my words

Whether they be summer flowers or swords.



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