Silver Lining

There is beauty all around us

In people young

And those whom time has made old.

Even in things unpleasant;

They can place us on the right road.

Though no path is the wrong one,

Some are a better fit,

Than the plans we had initially,

Yet not everyone can see it.


There is vibrancy in the colors

That surround this on the Earth.

Take the melodious pigments of a garden

And the hues of blue in the endless surf.

There is beauty in the darkness,

The diritness of the world;

Even in concrete cracks,

A flower can emerge.


Oh, but true beauty in life is change

And the ability to adjust

You can sit around and mope

But to move on is a must!

So much makes life worth living

Don't let it waste away.

Start every day by thinking:

"Today will be the best day!"


Life will move one without you

Make sure you're keeping up.

It's okay to trip sometimes

But always pick yourself back up.

Resist bringing others down (as some people would)

But instead, lift them higher.

What goes around, comes around;

So why not spread the good?


Compliment someone

Bring a smile to one's face

You never know what kind of difference

"Have a good day" can make.


Once you indulge in positivity,

Those around you will follow suit.

Simple gestures and words

Can turn any day around.

You just have to find the strength within you

To not let anything drag you down.


And though it's but a silver lining,

Amongst life's murkiness and mold,

Seeing positivity and beauty in life

Makes everything shine like gold.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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