Silly Me

What’s a dream when it only lasts until you wake up? And there’s never a way of knowing if it will ever come true. If only we can choose when to experience déjà vu. Then I would choose to relive every moment with you. Even when we’re together sometimes I get sad. Things don’t always last forever, but some feelings do. When I think about how I feel about you I hope you feel the same. In fear of it not being so, some things I don’t say. But even though I may not say them with my words, I can say them with my heart in hopes that you will know and understand without me getting hurt. Dreams are like when people make a wish before they blow out the candles. If you dream it enough times, you pray that it will work. And here I find myself wishing when it’s 11:11. Silly me. But maybe not, I can dream the dream and you can make it reality.


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