Silence in Sin


I can't see you.
I can't hear you.
How can I know you are real?
I know you love me for who I am,
But I can't tell.
I am lost and afraid in the sea of sin.
You look down upon me with love and concern,
Yet I turn away from all that you give.
I know you want to hold my hand and guide me through the mire.
I am on my knees.
My eyes shut,
And heart open to you.
Lord, I am truly sorry for the way I am.
The things I have done I know are wrong.
Please forgive the things I have done against you.
Accept this silent prayer.
Lord, hearken your ears to the things I say,
I beg of you!
Now I will try and see you,
And hear what you say.
I will accept all the love that you give unto me.


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