The silence of a real woman

If you write out her history, you can see the relentless woman she became to be. She was builded from the bitterness, jealousy, and the twisted lies of her enemies. Rebuked and reproved, still soaring for her destiny. Wearing her long skirts and shirts, putting on her real face because she had no reason to be an under covered sister. Foundated on the truth, suffering many hurts, looking up to the sky asking the lord why? Never pulling away from the curtains, because there`s still hope burning on the inside. Shot with hateful words, left alone, when her friends waved good bye. Crying many nights, made many mistakes, but the lord stood right by her side. And like butter, it will slide. Her Godliness shines, even on her worse days she`s still flawless as a dime. Clean inside and out, wearing the crown of her integrity that still speaks loud. The way she carries herself is an open book of mysteries, as one could ask what did she do to be this amazing. No man couldn’t find her out, they couldn’t touch or defile her name or take her virginity, and she is sounded. Marrying a honorable man of God, her life is sweet, but don`t get it all wrong, she does lose her sleep. Honoring a phenomenal woman, she is like walking on a cloud with diamonds and pearls falling down. She`s a confident woman, sitting as a queen, just as meek as can be.

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