Silence is loud...

Her mouth is silent 
But her eyes scream for help.
She likes to hide, 
Hide away the bruises and marks,
Marks over her body 
Her heart covered with scars, 
Scars forever attached to her soul,
Her soul that will try and forgive, 
But never forget
Forget those who tore her apart,
Apart from being sane,
Sane, which is not used to describe her unless "IN" is in front.
In front is where she stands "of the mirror"
The mirror which led her to hate
Hate is all she knows 
Knowing she wants to end it,
It, being life 
Life which is no longer hers 
Her tears running from her eyes,
Eyes, her mother looks at as they are closed.
Closed like that casket, she lays
Lays there to rest 
Rest in peace.


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