The silence of the larynx

Damn you!

How can I say anything if everytime I open my mouth you disappear again

I was all set up to do away with every misgiving, every unsung apology that ever iched on my lips

when you went up in a puff of smoke

Who asked you to be Houdini?

My heart beats fast while I'm all alone in my room

Wishing I was with you,

kissing you,

I'm sorry

How hard it is to oganize a thought within my head

How much more difficult to vocalize when you don't even come to class

Maybe I'm just too closemouthed when your in the desk behind me

I made you a Valentine

that might never get delivered

Damn the Fates which keep us apart and lonely

I'm sorry that I made your eyes frown that way

I'm sorry that my tonsils keep inside things not good for you to hear

I think that absense makes the heart grow fonder


I think that you are all I need.


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