The story of a corrupt society
The alcoholic priest preaches about sobriety
Religion brainwashing people
Children sexually abused in the steeple
You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination
Stop preaching discrimination
Silence the ignant
With acceptance and education

First love, broken heart
Prescribed drugs, fake fresh start
Take this happy pill
Pharmaceutical companies finding more ways to kill
Fried foods and chemicals in your mouth
5 hours sitting on the couch
Leading cause of death- heart disease
Can I get fries with that please?

Big wigs owning private prisons and hospitals
To increase profits
We’ll need more criminals
Institutions paying off the cops
Pay enough and the siren stops
Money is power
But greed turns a man sour

There’s gotta be solution
We need a revolution
Go out and exercise your right to vote
But what’s the point
Fake phony politicians don’t actually represent us
Plastic smiles feeding us lies
Money and hidden agendas in disguise
We’re just numbers- our voices don’t matter
We’re at the bottom of the ladder
The bureaucracy is failing
It’s time to start unveiling
Let’s settle the score
No more false promises to end the war
Sending kids overseas
Sons and daughters dying from the violence disease

Weed’s still an illegal schedule one drug
Smoking medical doesn’t make you a thug
Decriminalize cannabis, maybe one day
Imagine what congress would say
“I actually never inhaled the Jay”

Spying on citizens
Denying it, making no amends

What happened to privacy?
People use social media as their diary
Privileged pretentious kids thinking everyone else is dumb
But it’s the lack of love makes them numb
Little girls trying to look older
Less clothes only makes you colder
Their insecurities need a real friend’s shoulder

Everyone has internal struggles, no doubt
Secrete your negative feelings and speak
Vices are only making you weak
But everyone’s an addict
Smoking, eating, video games, shopping
Gambling, the Internet, drinking, and pill popping
Cope properly
Something’s wrong when sobriety feels wobbly
Too much of one thing is no good
Don’t act on impulse
Regrets- would, should, and could
Your future depends on what you put in today
Actions speak louder than what you say
Don’t just conform like putty
If you wanna be heard
You gotta go out there and you gotta be somebody
Give this life all you got

Expect nothing in return
Some bridges you’ll need to burn
Let it smoke
Take a toke
Now the world’s just one big god damn joke



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