The Signs Are There

The bell rang and it’s time to start the day

All I say is how long until the end of May

Does the staff around here not understand

That we don’t want to do what they have planned

It’s eight in the morning and our brains are dead

All we can think about is going back to bed

Besides there is much more we have to worry about

Why don’t the fun sucking, work loading geniuses drive our route?


First things first, social class runs it all

You’re judged every second on everything throughout the hall

This includes money, looks, names, interests, and more

But what they don’t take into account is what you have in store

These social classes are known as cliques

And they range from preps to nerd to hicks

From day one you are placed in a group

And it’s hard to get out of your social loop

This creates self-consciousness and fear

So why isn’t the admiration trying to stop it here?


Is it okay

For us to say

That they

Are lazy, greedy, in it all for the money?

Do they think it is funny?

Why should they even care?

For we all know the saying, “Life isn’t always fair.”

But this environment being created is not healthy

Unless you are part of the people who are wealthy


I mean no one cares about a person’s story, their life

Which is why so may turn to the knife

Inch by inch they cut away

Thinking about whether in this world they should stay

Pain becomes their only thought

Even if what they have to offer this world adds up to a lot


Teachers can’t you see

That there is a reason why the others don’t talk to me?

I’m too skinny, ugly, a nerd, weird

For those kids are what I have feared


Why don’t you ever ask me why I keep to myself?

Are you not concerned about my mental health?

I can’t find a way to tell you

Bu if only you knew

How much I hate it in this place I call the Devil’s home

Where the fires burn my only hopes the more I roam

I might tell you everything is fine

But that’s because I have so much on the line

You don’t know what it is like to be in my position

Where we hardly have any money to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, let alone tuition

And having parents who act like they’re still young and wild

Even though they have more than one child


You and I both notice I can’t keep up with my schooling

So who are we fooling?

This is just not the time and place for me

But one day it will be


Now you seem to notice and care

When you see that my desk is bare

And realize how long I haven’t been there

If you had just taken the time to look at the signs

Maybe I would be the one reciting these lines

<3 Sincerely,

One of God’s angles

-Bullied, homeless, poor, confused, and alone was I

Was all this worth me thinking that my only happiness could be when I die?

The signs were there

What was tested was how much you truly did care…





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