Side Special

Now that I have found refugee on the fence, you wish to tease me.
It’s like you can read me.
Smelling desperation on me like death on a corpse,
lying at the crossroads.
You twirl your finger around half of me,
disturbing the peace of the living.
You drink my agony. You’re intoxicated by my sins.
You play with the awareness of the sick.

I heard this is what you like.
You like to cover the sun with your grin,
showing the darkness of your pit.
The beating of my heart you turn to bruises.
You create time to mix my signals,
rerouting my GPS to the direct path of chaos.
With reckless movements, illegal turns and quick stops,
I swerve in frustration while you,
take pleasure in the awareness of the lost.

I say, I’ll treat you right because that is the right thing to do.
I say, we won’t get tight because I know, I know how you do.
I say, you will feel the dread when I kill you with kindness and
laugh at your attempts when you refuse to receive it.
I say, I will sit at the top of the hill with the smell of triumph as I have just escaped death,
the perfume that will disturb your breaths.
But this is all I say upon your absence.

You come time and time again,
and I wish to refuse to commit yet another crime in defense of your rush.
Since you, I’ve learned that the sacred treasure I must protect.
Because my strength you touched and fucked,
created children of hate and heavy heart.
You romanced me but what do you know of love?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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