What is Society?

Society is a group of people who set a standard and everyone that is affected by that standard is apart of that society. 

Now, it's a rather odd organization. 

It uses such tactics like:

think like everyone else,

be like everyone else, 

and god forbid 

if anyone thinks for themselves,

beat them; physically, emotionally, mentally.


"From the moment we are born, the world has a container already built for us to fit inside. 

A social security number

A gender

A race 

A profession 

An IQ 

I ponder, if we are more defined by the container that we are in, rather then what we are inside. 

Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies?

Would we still be able to exist if we were authentically uncontained?"


I am sick and tired. 

Sick and tired of this society. 

A society which tells you 

what to wear, 

what to eat, 

and what to think.

I am sick to the depths of my soul.

This echo is becoming louder.

This echo is a statement. 

All it wants is to be heard.

To scream. 

Only to be silenced.

Silenced by society. 

All of its efforts would have been in vain.


But who is society? 

We are society. 




We are participants. 


We shame the intellectuals.

We sets impossible standards of beauty and success. 

We tell ourselves that we're not good enough.

We tell ourselves that no matter what we do, we will never be enough. 








It's the only way to stop society from further breaking the humane race into oblivion. 

Just stop. 




Wow. I am surprised that no one has made a single comment on this poem for it is really good. Though we were born into society does not mean we can't change it. We can start with ourselves by calling ourselves something that society would completely disagree upon... Acceptable. Ha I like this poem so much I want to give it five thumbs up (If only I could give you actually five thumbs up. Let us all imagine please. Lol:)). Good poem. Keep writing on my friend. 

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