Shut up

Society has deemed me black, unsophisticated, ghetto but that’s not me

Society has deemed her white, redneck, slutty but that's not her 

Society has deemed him Asian, intelligent, advanced but that's not him 


Society determined whom we were supposed to be but they are wrong

I deemed myself African American, sophisticated, and beautiful

She deemed herself a scholar, learning, and kind 

He deemed himself honest, average, and a friend


Society doesn’t have the power to place a title on me

 Society doesn’t have the power to tell me who I am

Society doesn’t have the power to dictate my actions

Society isn’t me


Society can talk all it wants but it isn’t who we are

Society can talk but it’s not telling anyone facts

Society can talk but it’s not showing truth

Society can talk but is it really you?


I am me society isn’t

I am intelligent because I learn everyday

I am beautiful because I don’t let society tell me what I am supposed to look like

I am African American because of my genes passed down from generations   


Society isn’t me

Society isn’t you

Society isn’t us           


So society can shut up.    

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
Guide that inspired this poem: 


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