Sh*t You Can't Say To Your Teachers


School is now in session,

And here comes all of the stressing.

Teachers make it worst,

That's why most students are checking,

Their phone to see who called,

Retweeting someone on Twitter and texting,

Just leave me alone! Teacher you are not helping!


The teacher passes out the work,

Expecting us to do it.

But really I would rather let my dog chew it.

Now the teacher gives lectures,

And yes I hate it dearly,

I can hear you from the front, 

Just please don't walk near me,

Or touch me or good luck me!

Cause I really don't like you,

If you give me a "F"

I'm probably going to fight you.


Looking at the clock,

Like it's time to go.

I don't like school or the work flow,

I wish I was in Pre-K,

Cause at least they let the kids free play

They hardly did work,

And they got to nap each day.


Now things have changed,

As I've gotten a little older.

The work is harder,

And teachers still bother,

The students and tap them on their shoulder,

Reminding them that we have a test.

No I haven't studied,

And I really could care less.

I can't settle for less,

I have got to be the best.

But really I just want this teacher to kiss my A-*-*!




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