Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher: A Rant About My Terrible Day


Teacher, Teacher!

Can’t you see?

These big bright lights are bugging me!


I woke up early,

Did not eat,

So my hair’d be curled, nice, and neat.


I took the bus,

So full of gum,

A piece under the seat got stuck to my thumb.


And when I got to school,

Too early to care,

My crush had his hands in my best-friend’s hair.


When I went to eat,

My lunch at noon,

I had packed a yogurt, but had no spoon.


When I got to PE,

Late of course,

I found I’d bled through my cheerleading shorts.


And just when I thought,

The day couldn’t get worse,

You gave me an essay for tonight’s homework.


So thank you, Teacher,

For making my day,

Even better, with the addition of your wonderful essay!



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