Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher: No One Learns Exactly Like Me

Teachers, they do not seem to see

That no one learns exactly like me.

I learn real fast, but some learn real slow

And teachers, they never know what pace to go.

Teachers need to give each kid a turn

To take the time that they need to learn.


Not every kid learns at the same pace.

So school should stop seeming like one big, long race.

When kids are struggling teachers need to slow down

Because not every kid is just clowning around.


So teachers, you need to slow down the learning

So that all of the students’ stomachs aren’t churning

Because they are worried about what they got on a test

Because they got one answer, but couldn’t get the rest.


Teachers, stop worrying about the test score

Because to students there is always so much more

Sure they can pass without understanding it all

But how will that hold up for students next fall?


They won’t know everything, their grades will sink.

Their GPA shrinking what will colleges think?

That they aren’t smart, and don’t work hard too.

In reality neither of those things are true.


These are hardworking kids who really do care

About what their futures entail and really to where

They will head to school after high school is complete.

Hopefully they will not have to repeat

The classes that they really should have passed,

But didn’t because a teacher didn’t worry about the whole class


So please listen up before students’ futures all bust,

This next thing I’ll say is really is a must.

Slow down and take the time to see

That no one learns exactly like me.


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