Sh*t you can say to your teacher





what do all these things have  in common?

There black just like me and you hate it.

intergration and diversity is the new reality get used to it.

why is she so good at english you ask , then you see a white girl sitting next me and

you automatically think i cant account for my creativity or intelligence.

bleach my skin the better but i will still never be white .

is it possible to hate a color that you are sorrounding by.

break me down and make me cry console me later , you dont fool me .

real recognizes real so who are you.

At least be you all the way and no cover up your true colors.

Admit it , you dont like seeing muliple colors, diversity is too much for you to handle.

all you see is Black and white , sorry correction you see white .

Just the color of lies you tell the community little white lies , the type you tell to cover up that

your old just like your mind frame .

you will never evolve to the time and think in your mind.

That i will never amount to anything , i can lay on my back at night because that was done in slave time.

but no i am a symbol of a multiculural  statement .

i am not just a black disposable item .

you cant just throw me away whenever you feel like it.

i am someone who is going somewhere.


different translation but they all have one thing in common there everywhere and they

all are and mean the same thing black .

i am jamielee brown, a honors student, cheer captain,have a internship , a job and will be a teacher

and guess what im black just like your soul.






















Guide that inspired this poem: 



my favorite part of my poem was hte fact that i get to express who i am as a person and explain how much divesity means to me also explaining

the trials that u face a mutiple schools based on your race

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