The Sh*t That Goes On


You swear you know all of your students. You may know our names but you dont really know us. You see her over there with the thick black sweater even though we're in this place thats hot as hell? I bet you didn't know she is abused by her mother, beats her ass and tells her "Make sure you wear long sleeves. I bet you didn't know that her right there, the "prettiest" girl in school sits and watch as men come in and out of her mother's room. All you care about is that shit on the bored that is suppose to prepare us for the future. FUCK THAT! We need to be prepared for what is going on now.

You all say that this generation is the future yet we're neglected. That boy over there gets dropped of bt his father everyday to school. You're thinking "That's a good father" or "He's lucky to have his father in his life". What you didn't know is his father cheats on his mother right in from of his eys and ears. As he's dropping his son off at school, he is also on the phone telling his "DIP", "I'm on my way over". You didn't know that you're favorite, quiet, shy, student was RAPED by her ex boyfriend. She was forced to give him her virginity because if guilt and his smooth talking. This is the real world. There is more to your sudents than what you perceive in these four walls. 

Students deal with much more than people think. We don't only just go to school. We live in the real world, face real world problems and have to come up with real world solutions just as adults. Teenage years are suppose to be some of the best because they are the shortest. Some people do not even get to experience them becasue there life was FUCKED UP at an early age. So the next time you claim you know your students make sure you know the author's message. 


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