You ask me for a moment of my time

Like you think I’ve made a shrine 

Of our long-lost memories

Here you are asking for anniversaries 

Like we didn’t break up a family


You say you want to explain what happen

Like I wasn’t there to witness the ramifications 

You want to reminisce about our situation

Like I need a narration to retain the story

What do you expect a standing ovation? 


After all family is a generation 

So, what will my future become once I am done?


I am twenty-five not four 

I needed a mother 

who didn’t have one foot out the door?

So here I am lying about my intent 

Just to hide my contempt 


I have a son 

whose eyes are an ocean

He needs a mom who is present 

Not a distant memory from a land far away


You sent me a friend request 

Like you didn’t miss the milestones


So let me fill you in since you weren’t there

It was like you didn’t care


I spent years wondering if I was enough

I guess it taught me I was tough


I spent years questioning my worth

Now at 25 I have questioned since birth


Let me tell you what I learned

Trust no one you will get burned

Family is replaceable

My life is erasable

A mom isn’t a birth right

Or just a title out of spite

Looks don’t define my life

Just the strife we went through

all because of you

You say you want a second chance

Like this was some high school dance

Well ‘Mom” you stood me up

Left me in a trance

Like a bad first date

I don’t want another

You act like you did me a favor

Now you want praise like a savior


As the friend request blinks

I realized

I’m not a wasted drink

I am a diamond in the rough

Because your life choices made me tough







This poem is about: 
My family


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