Shower Confidence.

You walk in, steaming water running down your sides,


Like a different world, you stand there just thinking,


It's been a rough day, one worth reflecting on,


You think, summer is coming imagining the tides,


As each wave rolls, reality sifts away as it hides,


But in an instant, you've realized the days are shrinking,


This thought makes it seem as if you're sinking,


The reality of it all, it is this feeling you rely on,


Forgetting all your responsibilities being gone,


You wonder, standing here what is it that it provides,


Sometimes, one must be open to the reality and all it guides,


This is no more than just the beginning,


You seep into your head and start you feel convincing,


You will go out there and have your emotions be looked upon,


You've had enough of keeping to yourself, being walked on,


But as you step out, and the steam disappears,


You look at yourself in your fogged mirror that slowly clears,


It becomes clear, the thoughts in the shower are only thoughts,


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