The Show Must Go On

pay all attention

to the girl up on the stage

all part of the show

imagination engaged


keep watching the act

this is where you want to be

exciting and grand

this is what you're meant to see


the show must go on

while the back stage is a mess

keeps dancing along

or they might think of her less


all kept in the air

watch the balls go round and round

a juggling act

never let one touch the ground


that smile oh so bright

and with her jokes she will charm

witty and cunning

keeps them laughing, what's the harm


with one final bow

she retires with a spin

wait until tomorrow

when she'll do it all again


alone off the stage

where she knows no one can see

she takes a deep breath

and for a while she is free


the makeup comes off

the sequins rain on the floor

as she pulls at the curls

just like all the days before


she looks at herself

as she stands in the mirror

her face wiped bare

of the blush and the glitter


the girl who looks back

she doesn't quite recognize

the girl who looks back

has a deep pain in her eyes


no one sees her really

this girl behind the curtain

kept hidden from all

so no one knows for certain


if she lets them see

then it will all become real

push them all away

you can't hurt if you don't feel


she knows it's not right

to always live behind stage

never open up

live within this empty cage


but fear takes over

if the girl behind the lights

doesn't make the cut

she'll have more than sleepless nights


behind the curtain

isn't all that much to see

smile and heart are true

but lost pieces and debris


so she wears a mask

does a dance and plays pretend

keep playing along

and the show will never end







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