The Show


In the middle of the market

The bones lined up in rows

They used to be so pretty

Where did the beauty go?


Come here lovely darling

Be a part of the lovely show

You look so pretty

Oh please don’t let it go


Come here little darling

Come put on this lovely dress

Oh no pretty darling don’t dare speak

Don’t tell them you’re distressed


Now come over here my lovely darling

Let me smear this on your face

It’ll make you look so beautiful

Don’t let it go to waste


Now my pretty prim and proper darling

Go stand on display for the world

But do not speak

For your words are too absurd


Go prance around the fountains

That stream the water to and fro

Go sway with the flowers

See how pretty they grow


Now go my pretty little darling

Spread your empty beauty around

But first, let me put some lipstick

On that pretty little frown


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