Shoulda Coulda


United States
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Yea i know i messed up i aint gone lie
i shoulda stopped but i didnt even try
yea i coulda waited and saved it
but at the time it didnt even cross my mind
look at me now two weeks late
meaning no period of mine
im so disappointed and beyond disgusted
damn how could i be so dumb
so foolish so naive
I admit i was just caught up in the moment
i wasnt feeling love only lust
even though i know he'll be there
its my future that i'll miss
this baby will do nothing but hold me back
freedom whats that
adoption, abortion, keep it and raise it
which one should i choose
i really have no clue
i think i'll take my chances and take this lesson learned
never again will i make this mistake of lust for love
so abortion it is so i can complete school and live my life



Teen pregnancy is an issue that more people need to be educated about, and reading and writing poetry about is is a great way to become informed. Thanks for using your poetry to bring about social change, and be sure to check out the "take action" section to find even more ways to use your poetry to make a difference!

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