Did you ever wish you can turn back time

To that one scene in your life.


When listening to your head just didn’t seem right?


So many words left unspoken

So many things left unsaid,


Too many thoughts, confusion should have listened to my heart instead,


I would have said I love You,

And all I need is time,

But I listened to my head, and instead I said Good Bye,


I would have said I’m sorry, you mean

The world to me

But instead I said, you’ll be alright, I just gotta leave.


So many times I thought about you

So many things I’d change,


I’d listen to my heart and I would know just what to say,


Please forgive me, this may not be right,  please don’t let me leave

Come and hold me tight


Today the scene is replayed everytime I see your face,

My heart know’s there is no going back to that time or place.


So many words left unspoken

So many things left unsaid


Like I still love, and I miss you,  should have listened to my heart Instead.






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