A Shocking Inspiration

Why do people frown, and make others feel bad? We as African Americans can get better but, we chose not too. Why do we have brothers hanging out by corner stores all day, and don't go in to buy nothing, to work? They want the man to think that we as a race shouldn't exist to be on this Earth. I heard a white police officer tell the other one, that we should be behind bars. He told me to learn how to control my anger problems; that I need to learn to also notice that I'm a kid. I'm not an adult yet. I need to remember that I'm still in my parents house, and that I don't pay no bills. Young kids like me keep on talking about how we can't wait to leave the house but, we don't know how the world out their even work. There's nothing wrong with a little street smarts but, never have too much. We need to save some room for education because, we're going to need it now in this generation. Without it you wouldn't have anywhere to go because, you didn't have that education whenever you had the chance. The conversation lasted for an hour and a half, and to me that was the best ever we ever had.

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