Shit You Can't Say To Your Teachers


Fuck  you, with the utmost hate. 

I know you have distain towards me. I'm no fool. 

I out wit you in front of your pupils and you hate it. 

The only black student in the class who tries and yet,

you treat me as though I possess less than the average 5th grader.

If grades reflect effort, then how is it that I cannot grade you on your "work".

The fact that you never know what the fuck you're talking about.

The fact that you favor students over the others. 

The fact that you'd could give a rats ass about what the class wants as a whole,

if your fave four want something. 

I'm quiet in my studies. 

Confident in my words. 

But you feeling some type of way is useless. 

I'm not a kiss ass. 

Never have I been, never will I be. 

I'll never respect someone who would probably belittle me in the confines of her home. 




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