Shit You Can't Say To Your Teacher


    Shit you can't say to your teacher. Something every student has on their mind. Looking around the white walls, seeing every chart, poster, word, but not having a clue to what they mean. Looking at the teacher and the student behind you, in front of you, to the side of you, you can feel the atmosphere of the class. The teacher rambles and rambles on what they're teaching, like they know everything-but they don't.You can't tell your teacher that you don't understand what they're teaching. They'll look at you straight in the eyes and say you were talking, even though your lips did not move. They will tell you to stop missing school even though you have a perfect attendance. They will tell you to pay attention even though your eyes were wide open and your ears were open enough to hear a fly fart.Thats what I'll say and that's what a teacher would tell me and thats why I cannot say a word. Many students  will give teachers the middle finger and say they don't know how to teach crap. We can't tell teachers to go die, or that we have problems at home. We can't tell teachers that they need to brush their teeth, or that I had no place to sleep. We can't tell teachers the problems in our lives or how we feel because " were not they only ones." But most of all we can't tell teachers thank you. We can't put a smile on our face, and show that we appreciate their hard work. We can't put our differences aside and see that were all human, just going through life. That's shit you can't say to your teachers.      


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