the sh*it I want to say to my teachers

Mon, 12/09/2013 - 20:33 -- kaylfey


For all my teachers of all my grades,

there's good ones and theres bad,

the good memories will never fade,

but this poem is for the ones that have made me so mad.


You've taught me for so long.

Now it's my turn to teach you

things i've thought all along,

about the sh*t that you do.


You pretend you're nice and pretend you care,

but your favoritism is a huge concern.

You never teach anything, which isn't fair

because you still expect us to learn.


As far as grading papers,

you never actuall read a thing.

I've never had such a temper,

all you do is make me want to scream.


You're the reason

we have drop outs.

Come on, lets face it,

you're kind of a grouch.


Being stuck in this room with you,

let me just say,

its the last thing I wanna do,

day after day after day.


For all my teacher of years past

who's ever treated us wong,

you're all tied for last

we're so glad you're gone.


Since you've never listened to a word I say,

this is how i'll tell you.

But i'm getting too carried away,

just fix the sh*t you do.

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