A Ship Like Me: A Daughter’s Resolution


United States
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I say now, to the man who used to make my heart bleed,
I love you even more.
And when, those flooding tears stream,
I love you like before.
Because I’ve decided to break those wretched chains,
The curse won’t come over me again.
To me the curse,
Lives no more.
What is this curse? You ask,
It is when time, and time pass.
Father and daughter,
Like two ships at sea.
Never stopping to trade,
Give a nod or a friendly wave.
Separated by a wall of hate,
A ship like me.
But now father I make this plea,
Break the chains with me.
Deny the curse, let us set each other free.
Then maybe we can be like fathers and daughters are supposed to be.
I’ve decided to see you through the pain,
Even if my heart bleeds again.
Because I say to you, father,
Not another year will our ships pass.
I will shatter the walls like glass,
We will trade we will nod.
We will exchange a friendly wave.
The wall exists no more.


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