The Shiloh

Fri, 10/03/2014 - 20:35 -- Gyanah


Before I was, He is

Beautifully and wonderfully made

I am his

When I was lost, he came running to my aid

I can never comprehend how he forgave for shedding the blood of Abel


His majesty on his royal throne

Holy and divine, nothing can compare

O But how marvelous is he alone

Creator of all, my God and Mon Pѐre

Thou precious blood you shed to atone


Praise be to Him

Most merciful of all

The sun when the light is dim

Blessed be your name O ancient of days

Most deserving of my hymn


Blessed savior, rose of Sharon

Restorer of a soul once barren

I live for you and die to you

To think that you can be grieved!

From the actions of my youth


Oh your word is my delight!

My precious cornerstone



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