One of my old poems:

My heart grows colder

My body grows harder

My hair grows longer

The days grow darker


Look back and find

I'm standing alone again

And I come to discover

That I don't care


My sun, my light,

My heart, my sky

Fade in my eyes

Shadows creep in the corners of my vision


Day by day by day

I watch myself change

Less and more

I'll never be who I was before


Build, build, build

Leave no crannies, no cracks, no weakness

In this wall I erect

Brick by brick by brick


I won't let the wolf blow it down again

I step back, slink away

Outside the campfire's light

Disappear into the night


You'll never find me now

No, not you or you or you

I'm gone, goodbye, farewell, adieu


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