Purok-7 Kabalalahan, Barangay Guinabsan, Buenavista Agusan Del Norte, CARAGA, Mindanao

Shhh! Can you hear that?
Can you hear the silence?
It's killing you slowly;
Mince to mince.
Look at those people around you,
Suffering the same thing that you do.
They were enjoying peace;
Which torn them apart, piece by piece.
Have yourself a sanctuary!
Death may come to your door, silently.
You are with your family, safe at home,
But you were all so alone.
Alone in your dark bedroom;
Entertained by a diligent boredom.
Shhh! Wait, someone's whispering;
In my ear, it keeps buzzing.
Oh the world is real in peace.
Everyone had a death wish.
There stomachs kindly complained.
Gluuurg! Will you at least feed them?
How long will this lockdown last?
When our lungs are out of gas?
The economy had fall from the stairs;
None did ever catch, none ever cares.
How long will this peace linger?
Bellies cried out from hunger.
Shhh! Can you hear them?
This peace gives everyone pain.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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