She's still living

As a girl raise to be a women, 
She's been in those moments, 
Where war flashes and country clashes, 
Where life's a struggle but death isn't.
She's been gas by poison, she's been force to be in prison, 
But look right here she's still living.
As god gives hope, 
Never will she and her family will fall into a slope.
She came into Minnesota the 10000 lakes,
She came into Minnesota where society haven't put people you call these days "fake".
Her family never knew English but only the siblings,
And look at this, 
they still be living.
As time goes by she's a fully grown women,
She met a man to share her moments, 
But as we all know how stupid couples can get,
They both fucked up and nobodies paying the debt. 
But again look right here, 
She's still living. 
As time goes by she made four children's,
As time goes by she's working hard to feed their feelings. 
Never thought a women would be so strong, 
Never thought a women will never be wrong.
As a girl raise to be a women, 
She's been in those moments, 
Never before these are true,
She's my mother and these are only just a few,
Her history will be told, 
But not yet as she's still bold.
Just look at her, she's still living,
And her children's are grateful, 
For her to be their mother. 
As a girl raise to be a women,
She's been in those moments, 
Just look at her, 
She's still living.
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