She's all That

My mom she's one of a kind 

she's not a mother of three or two just one which makes her mine

shes been there for me since I was in diapers 

she even stuck through it all when she felt down and tired

now don't get me wrong I sometimes was a pain 

she was the same so sometimes we just share the blame 

now let's be honest my mom is awesome in many ways

there are so many that I will be writing for days 

I love her with a passion only God can tell 

he brought me a gift from above so I always wish him very well

my mothers dream was for me to go to college & finish school

she will do anything to keep me out the streets 

momma didn't raise no fool  I'm very smart with my decisions

so my mom can't have no worries about me while she sleeps 

I tell my mom everyday I couldn't have made it this far without God and you

she just looks & smile and tells me these achievements are only a few  

my mom is so awesome and everyone knows  

not but what she does for me but for what her heart shows

This poem is about: 
My family


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