She Writes..


She writes for the reason of feeling.

The reason of no one believing.

Belief of who she is.

The girl of truth spoken in her ears.

The day she seen and heard.

Heard the truth being told to her.

The truth of a poet at hand.

Is to see, experience, and feel your plan.

Mrs.Mitchell the lady in brown, 

spoke to a girl who was confused in her town.

Not knowing who or what to turn to.

Mitchell told her to write about gym shoes.

Gym shoes.? That's weird.

She said write girl erase all your fears.

Fears of what.? i'm okay. You know.?

but really her feelings were still at the front door.

First poem was about confusion of love.

She wrote and wrote till her confusion was like mud.

Mud thickend in her heart, till she was done.

The fact that Mitchell inspired her.

The fact that she was to young to hurt.

But Mitchell found a ease to the pain.

Poet was finally my name.

Poetry teaches me to be free.

To express the emotions given to me.

So I express as I write threw the paper.

Express everything the wise lady told me to be.

To be or not to be the person you see, but the person (I) expect to be.



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