She who is not locked up in chains


My personality is not defined by the

Limits of society.

Wrapped up into a box

With a bow tied around it, I am strong, and independent.


Living the life I am choosing and taking a

Difficult journey,

I am called Arshawna

Otherwise known as “A Gift from God”.


Oppression and hatred fuel the fire

That causes me to succeed.

Those who hate will not stop me.

Trapping me, overlapping me


Filling me, like a drug.

I am me

I am a person who tries to gain respect by love

And care. I am me.


But people say otherwise,

People think otherwise.

They think they can limit my mind

Into being what they want it to be and they can't.


They think I will be chained up

And locked up into the hatred

My people have known

Their whole lives, but I will not back down.


Daughter of a militant mother,

I am tough. Dreaming of a life that

Will better for my children.

I am joyous, happy to be alive.


I am a black woman.

Fierce like a lioness

Who is hunting her prey.

Devouring anyone in her path.


I am me.

A person that the world

Has tried to put fear into.

But the world will not prevail.


The world does not see the artistic

Light that overwhelms my mind.

That fills my soul and lifts me up.

That gives me wings to fly.


They do not see the power that covers my heart,

Changing me every day.

It makes me the person I want to be

The person I try to live by everyday


I am a woman, full of flaws

But not wrapped up in them.

Because if I stay in the darkness,

How will I get others to the light?

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