She is still very much alive

My grandmother's dupatta smells of jasmine 

She shares stories about her golden days under the bright sun 

Her contagious laughter brings memories of happy times 

We lose track of time 

Our Kashmiri chai cools down 

I hear the Azan and my grandmother smiles  

Two chicks are chirping around my feet as I grab her lotta from the chickens den 

She performs wudu as I wait by the charpai 

We both pray together, side by side, feet to feet 

She showers me with duas after prayer 

We admire the beautiful sherbet orange sky 

We drink our now cold Kashmiri chai  


She would reminisce on stories from her childhood 

Now all I do is reminisce about the good moments with my grandmother 



My grandmother, a woman who had a heart of gold and the strength of one hundred lions 

My grandmother, a woman who against all odds, made her name known

My grandmother, a woman who was so selfless 

My grandmother, a woman who blessed me with radical love 

My grandmother, a woman 

A woman with great power 

A woman, like many women, who had to push away her dreams 

Who was told to sacifice her aspirations for the sake of her family 


 I wish I spent more time learning from her 

I wish I cherished those special moments with her more 

I wish I asked her the history of our family and who I am 


There are many wishes I have but she is gone 

And there is nothing left of her  

Except her pictures, dupattas, and her Quran 

There is nothing left to do but pray and carry her treasure box full of stories with me  

Her body may have died 

But the memories of her live in my mind 

To me,  She is still very much alive      

This poem is about: 
My family


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