She doesn't need that


Lip-stick, high heels, hot curling iron ready to go,

oh I wish that you would know,

that name brands, glittery things and a small portion of food

never really did anyone any good.

All she needs is that smile, when at last she has caught what she came for.

All she needs is that loving heart who alway makes sure to cover up the horses real well before dark.

All she needs are those beautiful memories, she loves to share when we sit around the bon fire.

All she needs is that strong faith that she clings on to so tightly.

All she needs are those amazing goals and dreams, she aspires and is determined to reach.

All she needs is to realize that the things that matter most in a person, aren't worldly

All I need is to realize that I am flawless and I don't  need any of that.

I am me, and that's all I need.



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