She counts to ten

Fri, 11/29/2013 - 15:48 -- Grizz36


In a dark corner is where she'll lay. Silently her tears will fall; one. She'll reach across and grab her knife; two. She'll listen in to her father's voice screaming at her mother. To the sound of his hand meeting her face; three. Her name floats easily out of his mouth, along with s strew of words; four. Her mom, desperate for her ife, agrees to him; five. She sits father into the corner, the knife now glides easily across her flesh; six. Her mother's cries of terror fill her ears, a cry for her life and how her daughter didnthisntonher; seven. She stands and grbs a rope and stool; eight. Tears now flow like a river, clouding her vision and shestands; nine. She utters 'I'm sorry' as she kicks off; ten.


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