She and He


His eyes stole her heart, his laugh stole her mind.
He offered her this look that promised her the world, the stars and even the moon on a silver platter.
He looked at her, really looked into her, and laughed, full of passion and joy of life.
She knew he didn't care about her.
He just liked the feeling of being loved, the feeling of being desired.
He liked to feel the sensation of playing with her, making her blush.
He was the master chief, the puppeteer, controlling each of her emotions.
He slowly put his face closer to hers, eyes in her eyes, still smiling as if he was teasing her.
She hated her heartbeats beating faster and faster.
She hated this hope that she knew would painfully die later.
She closed her eyes and in the dark, felt him leaving her.
She didn't open her eyes until he was really gone.
She didn’t want to see his indifferent and cold look.
She didn’t want to see his back, once again. And more than anything else,
she didn’t want to realize that she would fall for him again.


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