shaunsterXXX depression

shaunsterXXX depression rap emonal legend rap

i have depression  because i get bullied in school 

im just crying im  i sick and tired of bullying

im always  crying  every single night

i  have feelings i have a heart people keeps

backing me down and my tears are falling in to the

grave  and im crying every single night i wanted

***** my self but every single day i dont want to **** my

self  i  addicted to skittles  every single  easter i eat them 

im *** depressed  im always crying at night im done

im depressed im so emonal i cant take this anymore

but i have to deal with it intill i gradate i have so many friends

and haters im depressed im always crying every single night

im always depressed im always so emonal im crying every single night



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