Shattered Steel


I just cant seem to get you off my mind, maybe it'll just take some time but it feels like you're committing a crime. How could your heart change so fast? I thought that we would always last. My thoughts are scrambled but you had to ramble. Cant you see that it was always me that couldn't let you be? Its hard to let go, or maybe I'm just slow. But I just cant stand to see you leave, you were so hard for me to achieve for you I wore my heart upon my sleeve. I loved you without temptation but you couldn't handle our relation. Its not that I'm mad I'm just hurting so bad. I feel so used i just wasn't your muse my thoughts are confused. To you I was linked, because our hearts were in sync. It feels like I've been killed but it will just take some time to heal why cant you feel what I feel my heart is like shattered steel.


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