Shattered Ideals, Unshatterable Resolve


That was

The promise


Brought to the table

Freedom to be myself

Opportunity for growth

For both myself and the nation

After a year of moving forward

Everything was poised to become great

And Donald Trump was nothing but a big joke

But then, surprise! Reality kicked in

And all of my heroes passed away

And I realized I couldn't

I couldn't quite be myself

The world hadn't quite changed

I couldn't be free

I'll fight the same

Fight to be



This year of

Broken promises

Has only strengthened my

Resolve to better the world

And come back strong from this year

This negativity will not

Define twenty-seventeen for me

I won't end this poem on a low note

I won't let this past year keep me feeling down

Because through all the bad I discovered

If I want something I have to fight

And that what I want is to help

To help people and to learn

So I will continue

To push through the bad

And fight for good

I will be



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world



OMG. Like that is one of the truest things I've read in a while. You are crazy talented.


Thanks! This is the first poem of mine I've posted online, I'm glad somebody liked it!

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