Shapes (My letter of resignation)


I've always thought that thinking outside the box was a good thing. So why does society want to box me in? They put me in a square cubical, behind a square computer, making me use square language. I'm handed problems from all angles from edgy people and my boss is talking out of both sides of his mouth. They wonder why I'm bent out of shape. Maybe because you're trying to put a square peg in a round hole. Yet still they preach "think outside the box". Which box? The one that you've made for me? Because if you're asking me to leave my box, then you're asking me to leave your office. See my life is like a triangle, and I wish I could say it was equilateral, but right now it feels obtuse. Maybe the reason I keep getting short-sided is because so many people at the top of the pyramid fit that same shape as those who promoted them. Maybe the reason that we keep obstructing and intercepting is we can't perceive each other because we live on different planes of existence. You want me to stay in line? You want me to be linear? Would you ask a three dimensional shape to be linear? No, because it's not in it's nature, and I'm sorry sir, but it isn't in mine. I know I'm just a point on this graph, but just because our numbers don't have equal values, doesn't mean we aren't equals.



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Brandon Canty



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