Shaming Discovery

Thu, 02/13/2014 - 10:21 -- bpeters

I am tired

   Tired of being stuck

Forced to. . .


because why be me, when I can be them?

Discover yourself! 

      they cry

Be you!

      is their motto


Blasphemy, damnation, pain, and 


because being you is shameful

because being trans is somehow worse

because transwomen are disgusting somehow

because all transwomen sell their bodies

because gender is male or female

because the blinding dysphira is just a phase

because all they want is you to


do not challenge, do not be different

just be their idea of you

shunned by your own community

different than the others who like their own genders 

different than those who are different becaue they're gay

different from the homo's and the poly's and the a's

even doctors treat trans people with shame

look at the prices




Why don't we change it all?

We don't we stress the importance of preferred pronouns?

Why can't I wish to change their minds?

Because right now, the only thing I wish to change

                                                                                        is myself


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